4 mini screws provided the necessary anchorage for the intrusion mechanics aimed at intruding the upper dentition and reducing the “gumminess” of the smile. They intrude and distalized the maxilla .

Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) was used to identify several anatomical landmarks before inserting the 4 mini-screws .

The use of the DSDApp helps to visualize the new position of her teeth after the treatment.

18 Replies to “Orthodontic Mechanics used for the intrusion of the maxillary dentition .”

  1. Could this method be used for my gummy smile if I had root canal treatment and zirconia crown on upper jaw?

    1. It’s probably hurt very badly on the fist day . It’s very frustrating on the fist day but eventually the pain decrease on the second day

  2. Is it possible to intrude my entire arch if my smile is not gummy? My lower face stretched out because my ortho brought my front teeth down instead of pulling my molars back in.

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