19 Replies to “Orthodontic Treatment for Excessive Lip Support – Removing 4 Premolars”

  1. this is me right now, I have lip incompetence due to my structure. it give me breathing problems and other consequences because I have to forcefully close my lips, which is really hard to do. I’m conscious about my mouth 24/7 which sucks because closing your mouth is supposed to be an unconscious movement. not worrying about your mouth being open is a feeling I’ve never felt before, and makes me so insecure and helpless. i don’t even care that much about the way it looks, but more about the condition. I feel like crying at times because of how much of a hindrance it is.

    i went for a consultation back two months ago to an orthodontist, and they said that I would have to remove 4 of those teeth and my wisdom teeth as well to achieve the after that you see here in the video. I’m going to go to the consultation for the removal next month. my mom is very scared about me getting 8 teeth removed (can you even count wisdom teeth as that)? but hopefully, everything will work out. i might get my wisdom teeth removed, or I might get just four of the pre-molars removed. we’ll see, it’ll be explained to us once we go to the consultation.

    I just want my lips to close in a natural way. ☹️

    1. I have the same problem, i also can’t close my lips at rest so I have to keep my mouth opened and it makes me look so bad. I always pay attention to how my face looks like whenever I’m outside and it’s so frustrating because I’m always worrying about how my mouth is not relaxed. And whenever I try to keep my mouth close, it only lasts for like 2 mins then i start to feel pain in my chin 🙁 but I got 4 teeth extracted last month so hopefully that helps close my mouth fully

  2. I am having this same jaw, started treatment march 2021 at first I didn’t accept to remove 4 teeths so for nearly 1 year no improvement in face structure.. So finally this March I remove 4 teeth. After that tooth alignment was done. Yesterday only real treatment (pulll the teeth back) started really it’s painful..

  3. My doctor has not recommended me for removing teeth ,but my condition is exactly same ,I’m worried that it’s not going in good way 🥺. What should I do

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