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Dual cord technique-piggyback-eyelet bonding at asker orthodontic

22 Replies to “Detailed medical direct exposure and also orthodontic grip o…”

  1. i had this procedure done a few years ago! this on top of 6 years of braces and 4 teeth pulled, and i’m currently on invisalign but soon my teeth are finally gonna be done!

  2. I just had my K9 just exposed from the pallet side three weeks ago. It hurts like it is nobody’s business.

    1. May I know why is it done????? Like why a person gotta do this????? I am actually getting braces soon and Dr told about extraction…..i was searching up videos and this popped up😂😂😂 so i wanna know why is it done ?????

    2. @Namjoon’s lost airpod same my dentist want to take it completely out but I don’t want them to

  3. I got this done and the next day one was already down it moved fast and luckily mine wasn’t to painful during or after

  4. My surgeon said this isnt the best way. Just removing all that tissue. But to make a flap so when the tooth comes down more tissue with follow with it.

  5. Genuinely why after the surgery do they have the orthodontic assistants perform the exposure appointments considering all the pain it gives a patient it gives more anxiety knowing the actual doctor isn’t doing it just seems like something the orthodontist themselves should do

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